Micro-volunteering is volunteering that can be done in small bursts. It's a way to get involved without having to make a big commitment, which would typically prevent extremely busy people from being able to participate. Instead, it allows people to help as their schedule allows. It can be hard as a volunteer manager to switch gears from thinking you need to provide ongoing opportunities for your volunteers to alternatively providing short-term ways to serve, but remember: micro-volunteering allows you to establish more relationships that can evolve into bigger commitments in the future. 

Examples of micro-volunteering: 

  • Signing a petition
  • Donating goods
  • Running a sponsored race 
  • Reposting a message on social media
  • Baking cookies for a sale

Micro-volunteering can help your organization to attract a greater number of people to get involved and it can pave the way to more long-term volunteer commitments. It might be time to start thinking about what micro-volunteering opportunities your organization can bring into your community. 

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