Recruiting volunteers and filling in all of your open spots can be a difficult task.

If you find it to be a recurring struggle for you, you will want to keep reading. It doesn't have to require so much stress and so many phone calls and emails. Here are our best tips to get volunteers to sign up! 

1. Create an interest form that you can embed or link to on your website and social media.

The form should collect people's contact information, and it should have boxes people can check to indicate where they are interested in volunteering. This will automatically match people who want to help with the right opportunity. It is also quick and easy to fill out as opposed to potential volunteers having to email someone else, make a call, or fill out a whole sign-up sheet. 

This one was created for free with WhoCanBeThere:


2. Post your volunteer opportunities on social media...

... and encourage your current volunteers or employees and reshare to spread the word! Social media is one of the easiest ways to build an audience, and people want to engage with nonprofits they know and love. People aren't going to check your website that often, but they will see your social media updates in their feeds.

3. Consider: is there some form of compensation that you can offer?

Although it is not necessary to offer compensation to volunteers, if you are really struggling to recruit people, you could try a small incentive. Something practical can catch potential volunteers' attention and increase interest slightly. Some ideas would be a free drink at your church coffee shop, a tee shirt, or a gift certificate to a local store.  

4. Ensure your current volunteers have a great experience

Not only will they continue to give their time, but they will also spread the word about their great experience. For tips on this, read our article about volunteer retention

5.  Promote your mission

Potential volunteers want to know that they will make a difference. Whenever you are recruiting volunteers don't forget to detail what your goal is, why you need their help, and what impact they will make.