"I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!" 

You probably just read that in Katniss Everdeen's voice that was desperate to volunteer. Although her circumstances were much different, it is every coordinator's dream to find volunteers that are passionate about helping! 

How can you increase people's enthusiasm for volunteering? Here are some of our ideas:

1. Make it a partner/small group opportunity. People are far more likely to do something if it is with their friends vs alone. Pre-existing relationships on your teams also makes them stronger

2. Express gratitude. Sending your volunteers a simple thank you text or note can be the difference between a one-time volunteer and a consistent one. 

3. Be organized. People feel unhelpful when volunteering is chaos and there isn't a plan. Make sure that all of your volunteers know exactly what role they are committing to beforehand and what that will look like. You will have happier volunteers and a smoother event.

4. Share the difference you are making! Let your volunteer teams know how many meals you all served or donations you raised, etc. Pass the compliments you receive as a coordinator on so that your team knows that people are impacted and grateful for their service.