As prices in grocery stores continue to climb, more American families are stressed about how they will make ends meet or where their next meal will come from. As of 2020, 38.3 million Americans live in food-insecure households (according to the USDA). This is a sad reality in our country, but it is also an opportunity to join hands as a community and serve one another. 


Soup kitchens provide cooked meals for those who are hungry and offer a brief respite. They bless those who are in dire need, and in turn, they bless their whole community by caring for the struggling. 


Ways that you can support your local soup kitchen: 

1. Soup kitchens rely on compassionate volunteers daily. Organize a group to go help cook and serve one day! (this article can help you prepare to serve)

2. Clean out your pantry of canned goods and go to the grocery store to help the soup kitchen stay stocked

3. If you can't give your time, consider giving financially

4. Remember to feel compassion with those struggling and not pity for them. Compassion wants to serve, pity often leads to pride. 


Soup kitchens offer nutritional and emotional support to their neighbors, join them!