If you want to do something helpful for the world, but aren't sure where to start, or don't have a lot of time to commit, look no further! Here are 7 micro-volunteering opportunities for you to start making a difference today, in under an hour.

TIP: Most of these can also be great activities to do with your kids and to use as teaching moments!

1. Go Through your Closet

Most of us probably have a jacket, sweater, or pair of socks to spare. These items can do much more good in the hands of the needy than sitting in your closet! Set a goal to fill one box with gently-used items.

2. Clean out the Pantry

Shelf-stable foods that you won't use in the near future can make a big difference for your local food bank or soup kitchen. 

3. Pick up Trash on your Walk

Care for the environment and for your neighborhood by reaching down to pick up litter instead of looking the other way.

4. Re-share a Non-Profit's Social Media Post 

Increase the reach of your favorite non-profit by sharing their posts with your followers too. 

5. Get out your Sewing Machine.

Enchanted Makeovers is an organization that transforms the environment of women's shelters. Its mission is to inspire and empower women and children who are rebuilding their lives in shelters. You can get involved today by sewing pillowcases for their cause, more information here

6. Send a Card to a Child with Cancer

You can send an encouraging and beautiful digital note to a struggling child at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital here

7. Take a Quiz

If you take one of these quizzes, Hunger Notes makes a donation on your behalf. You simply read a short article and answer a few questions, and it is a very eye-opening and educational experience.