No-shows are difficult to deal with as a volunteer coordinator, and they are embarrassing for your volunteers. You need them to be there, and they want to be there, but in today’s world of crazy busy schedules, good intentions aren’t enough. We have come up with 3 steps to help you feel prepared to handle this inevitable dilemma.;

  1. Prevent: Send your Volunteers a Reminder

    We all could use a little reminder so that we don’t miss out on the important things in life. VolunteerReminder sends automated texts and emails to remind your volunteers and enable them to make it to their opportunities. It is a simple, preventative solution.

  2. Plan: Add Floater Staff

    Try to build some wiggle room into your schedule that way you aren’t scrambling and can still cover all your necessary bases.

  3. Re-Engage: Reach out After a No-Show

    It is very important to follow up with your volunteers that don’t show up and make sure that they are okay. This will help ease their embarrassment and allow for open communication to talk about the issue. You could discuss together how you will prevent it from re-occurring, they could still become a rockstar volunteer in the future and every relationship counts.

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