There are several characteristics that a lot of rockstar volunteers have in common. These characteristics can be helpful to keep in mind as you are searching for and recruiting your next volunteers. We have listed what we believe are 4 core characteristics that other positive traits flow out of.

1. Flexibility

Events rarely go perfectly according to plan, and schedules are almost never right on the dot; sometimes there are no-shows that throw things off or malfunctions that cause a slight delay. The best volunteers don't get flustered, but instead keep the ball rolling by accomplishing whatever needs to happen next.

2. Initiative

It is helpful to have volunteers that aren't afraid to see needs and do them, even if it isn't technically a part of their role. 

3. Humility

Great volunteers are open-minded and eager to learn. They encourage others and don't take credit for success. 

4. Compassion

The best volunteers have big hearts. Volunteering is an act of service, and it is best done with love and passion. 

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